Published On: Wed, May 1st, 2013

ERC Welcomes Voter Registration Efforts

Harare – The Election Resource Centre (ERC) has welcomed efforts by the inclusive government to improve conditions for voter registration.

“Public pronouncements by the two Cabinet Ministers, Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs and Co-Minister of Home Affairs, Hon Chinamasa and Hon Makone respectively in the past week set the nation on one of the most crucial stages of the electoral process – registration of voters”, read the statement in possession of BizDay.

Among other issues the government has given the green light of addressing some challenges facing those intending to register as voters such as easy replacement of lost identity cards, reducing the cost of voters roll from $30000 to $5000, allowing the registration of those deemed aliens.

The ERC also applauded the government for its move to carry out the mobile voter registration exercise.

“The mobile voter registration exercise among other things addresses the challenged faced by a prospective registrants relating to accessibility. Secondly a cabinet directive compels the office of the registrar to replace lost identification cards due to negligence for free throughout the three week period” noted part of the statement.

“Furthermore, this is an opportunity to clean the voter’s roll through removing those deceased persons who still appear on the roll, to address the presence of incomplete data on registrants such as the sex or place of residency” the ERC added.